IDC Welcomes Dr Antoni “Tony” More , senior lecturer in Geographical Information Science (GIS) at the National School of Surveying, University of Otago, New Zealand.

His current research interests focus on geovisualisation and cartography, including visual representation using art, narrative and informal mapping as a complement to conventional mapping and visual analytics of spatiotemporal data. He is the coordinator of the GIS degrees at Otago and is currently secretary of the New Zealand Cartographic Society. Dr Moore will be working with Prof. William Wong and researchers from Middlesex University, and will involve adapting the REMO method (which transforms a set of space-time trajectories into a grid of directions travelled, with listed trajectories discretised into regular time intervals) previously used in dolphin tracking studies, to address the challenge of human space-time data and situation reconstruction. This will initially involve a scoping literature review on visual spatiotemporal data mining methods that will be used in the forthcoming FP7 VALCRI project.