IDC Seminar (CG04) – Visualisation for Facilitating Human-Machine Cooperation in Data Science

IDC Seminar (CG04) – Visualisation for Facilitating Human-Machine Cooperation in Data Science

Dr Cagatay Turkay

giCentre, Department of Computer Science, City Univeristy



The unprecedented increase in the amount, variety and value of data has been significantly transforming the way that scientific research is carried out and businesses operate. As data sources become increasingly diverse and complex, analysis approaches where the human and the computer operate in collaboration have proven to be an effective approach to derive actionable observations. Interactive visual methods offer novel means to facilitate such a cooperation. This talk will discuss the scope, strengths, and limitations of such methods, and walk you through a number of approaches over applied examples.


Cagatay Turkay is a Lecturer in Applied Data Science at giCentre in the Computer Science Department at City, University of London. He has a PhD in visualisation from University of Bergen, and served as a visiting research fellow at the Visual Computing group at Harvard University in 2013. His research mainly focuses on designing visualisations, interactions and computational methods to enable an effective combination of human and machine capabilities to facilitate data-intensive problem solving. He works together with experts in various domains such as biomedicine, transport, intelligence, cyber security and social science, to name a few.  He actively contributes in various roles to journals and conferences within visualisation and computer graphics and, leads and contributes to a number of national, international, and industry-funded research projects.

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