Seminar – How Does the Use of External Representations Alter the Sensemaking Process?

October 10, 2017 at 11:00 am

11:00am, room WG49

Speaker: Kholod Aslufiani (Middlesex University)

Abstract: Representation is central to the process of sensemaking, whether internally, with a mental model, or externally, by creating, for example, maps or tables. When solving complex problems, people create external representations of information in order to make sense of it. Sensemaking is achieved by means of manipulation of these created representations. Although previous studies have addressed the role of external representations in aiding cognition in general, and sensemaking in particular, little is known about how exactly these external representations aid sensemaking. Gaining a better understanding of this process will assist in designing (better) tools to enhance sensemaking. In this talk, I will discuss an exploratory study investigating the role of external representations in the sensemaking process from which a set of hypotheses have been derived, and a study design to test those hypotheses.

Speaker: Kholod is a PhD student at Middlesex University. Her main research interest is the role of external representations in altering the sensemaking process, and how to support sensemaking using external representations, particularly in tasks involving narrative construction.